What is The Edgeactive Link Funnel?

The Edgeactive Link Funnel is a natural, contextual article marketing link building service pioneered by Edgeactive.

The Link Funnel ensures a layered and hierarchical approach to article link building.

There are 3 main elements to the link funnel:

  • Link Relevance Module
  • Link Number Module
  • Search Engine Module

1. Link Relevance Module

We develop a funnel of links that ensures a natural linking of lower to higher quality links this is all organized into 3 targeted content websites that are written for your keywords

  • Link Level 1: 100-160 Profile Links + 20-30 Do-Follow Social Bookmarks
  • Link Level 2: 7-15 Web 2.0 Properties, Each Containing a Topically Relevant Article
  • Link Level 3 : 1 WordPress.com & 1 Blogspot.com blog + 1 Squidoo Lens

Important Note to Remember:, you own these properties.  We put you in control

2. Link Number Module

We create a 400-500 word article in your niche and create unique variations of it to ensure targeted and most important – unique content.

Your article/s are then slow dripped to over 300 article directories.

3. Search Engine Module

We combine all the created links in the funnel into a purpose built RSS feed that is submitted to major websites.