Edgetrust Blog Network

At Edgeactive, we have long known that quality links always trump thousands of low quality links.

We set out to create an exclusive blog network, with strict limitations on the number of links posted to it on a monthly basis to ensure a high quality blog article marketing link building networks – and best of all this is reserved only for our valued clients.

Why Edgetrust?

  • High Quality Blog Network
  • Targeted, relevant and contextual links
  • Unique, quality blog content
  • Closed network – ensures exclusivity and preserves quality of links

High Quality, Targeted One Way Backlinks

  • We will verify your website content and links before commencing any work.
  • Our SEO writers will create 100% unique SEO optimized blog posts custom tailored for your niche of choice.
  • We will then drip these blog posts to the homepage of our blog network (PR3+ and above) – over a period of 15-20 days, evenly spaced to ensure natural link acquisition.
  • Each blog post written contains a maximum of 2 links.
  • At the end of the campaign we will send you a ranking report for submission performance verification

Important Note: You can purchase these links in packages of 15 or 30 posts on 15 or 30 different sites. Each post will contain 2 links, totaling 30 or 60 backlinks depending on which package you select. The Edgetrust blog network has a limit of a maximum of 30 posts on 30 sites in one given month to preserve the integrity of our network.